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Kids Personalised Drawstring Bag

This Tutorial was published on the cutting corners college website for Riley Blake Designs on the 9/8/2013

I thought I would share it here! enjoy

Kids Personalised Drawstring Bag

kelliottmagic Drawstring Bag tutorial 

Hi Riley Blake Fans, My name is Kelly from kelliottmagic. 
I love sewing and live in Brisbane, Australia.
I made this as a result of wanting to package a quilt for a gift. It was a hit. 
These handy drawstring personalised children's bags are perfect for so many uses such as gift bags, kindy sheets, school books, toys, washing, or even a sleepover bag.
 This is beginner tutorial takes you step by step. I have made so many of these bags and not necessarily the same way every time its quite forgiving. 
 I am thrilled to use Riley Blake’s - Boy Crazy by Dani Mogstad for My Mind's Eye.

Main Fabric- 1 @ 21" x 16.5" and 1@ 13" x 16.5" (Fat Quarter friendly)
Contrast Name Panel- 1@ 6.5" x 16.5"
String- 1 @ 1.5" x 32"
Scrap for appliquéd name (dark solid is usually best)
sewable heat bond or similar product,
printed name font of choice
General sewing items- sewing machine, cotton, paper scissors, pins, cutting mat, rotary cutter, safety pin, rulers, iron, ironing board.
Optional- overlocker, label
Lets get started

Step 1, Gather Supplies and please note all seams are 1/4 inch except where stated. (step 6)
 Warning when washed these letters will fray a little. I  love the effect. But if you prefer traditional appliqué do that. Or use a little fray stop on them.

Step 2,  Name Panel
  • Iron the name panel in half to create a crease
  • Read and follow the heat bond instructions.
  • But basically cut a piece of of heat bond the same size as the scrap. 
  • Iron the textured side of the heat bond to the wrong side of the scrap.
  • Using your paper scissors trim around the letters by placing your printed font on top of the fabric and cutting out.
  • position them on your name panel contrast fabric using the ironed crease to centre.
  • remove the backing paper of the heat bond. 
  • Be sure of your positioning and iron in place.
 now is the time to add your optional label if you have one.
at the sewing machine
  •  sew your label in place. (optional)

  • starting 1/4” parallel either top or bottom of the name, sew a straight line until about 1/4”past the end of the last letter. 
  • turn the fabric 90 degrees towards the letters slowly stitch twice then turn the fabric 90 degree again and sew a straight line parallel to the first line. 
  • continue until you have done 1 line past the letters fix or backstitch.
tip: apart from the 2 stitches at each end there are no rules on mm between the parallel lines I just use my sewing machine foot as a guide and if its crooked its part of the charm.
  • cut any threads, take to the iron and set the sewing both sides. 
  • admire then set aside.
Did you notice I changed my fabric? For the purpose of the tutorial these fabrics show the sewing a bit clearer in the photos.
Step 3, Main panel

  • with the right sides together. 
  • sew the top of the name panel to the 13” x 16.5” main fabric 
  • the bottom of the name panel to the 21” x 16.5” creating a single piece.
sewing name panel 
  • optional overlocking both seams created from the sewing.
  • and the 4 sides of the sewn rectangle,
  • cut any threads & set the seams by ironing. 
Step 4,Ironing
please be careful while ironing. my husband is always hearing ouches from me when i am doing this so please be careful. and don't let children do this stage.
ironing drawstring
  • iron the drawstring strip in half.
  • open the strip and iron the edges to the middle using the centre crease you just created as a guide.
  • then fold in half, iron again, set aside.
  • using the main part of the bag on the wrong side of the fabric measure with your ruler 2”. put your finger on the spot.
  • with your other hand turn the top of the bag in about a 1/2 inch. (i use the over locking edge as my mark.)
  • with your forefinger and thumb, hold the creased edge and iron with the other hand. do this with all 4 corners.
  • then iron the top edge down 1/4 inch. (once again I use the overlocked edge for my measurement.)
Step 5, At the sewing machine
at the sewing machine step 5 
On the ironed strip.
  • from about 8" on the string sew down the middle of the folded strip until about 8” to the end, set aside. 
back at the machine
 On the bag 
  • sew along the 2" ironed edges of both ends. 
 take both items back to the iron trim any threads & set the seams.
for the drawstring casing
  •  fold and iron 1 inch down on both sides and sew Backstitching at each end.
 Step 6,Finishing
nearly finished
  • pin right sides together, sew from the top to the bottom, to ensure no movement when sewing.
  • I use 1/2” seam allowance here just to make sure I catch both sides. check to ensure you have caught both edges for a neat finish.
  • insert the safety pin into one end of the string & thread it through both sides of the newly created casing.
  • pull the string as far as you can. 
sewing the string together. 
  • iron strings open if required, (easier this way)
  • with right sides together at right angles sew together diagonally as shown. (like bias)
the drawstring
  • trim & remove any threads, re-iron folded string and finish sewing. 
you have completed the bag!! ready to share with you beloved little person....
I'd love to see Please show me if you have flickr.

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