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Rolie Polie Baby Quilt

This Tutorial was featured on the Riley Blake Cutting Corners  Web site on the 27/9/2013. I thought I would share it also on my Blog.

Rolie Polie tube baby quilt/play mat.
Hi Riley Blake Fans, My name is Kelly.
I love sewing/creating and live in Brisbane, Australia.
This is my second project with these beautiful Riley Blake fabrics and I will take you step by step creating a 39" square Baby Quilt.
I have used a one Priscilla rolie polie, some 2.5" & 5" strips of Shades (Lemon) fabric Enjoy!

Fabric & Supply Requirements
  • 21 x Rolie polie strips
  • 9 x 2.5” Width of fabric (WOF) Blender basic fabric of your choice.
  • 4 x 5” WOF of the same basic for the Borders.
  • Wadding & Backing
General sewing items
Sewing machine, cotton, pins, cutting mat, rotary cutter, ruler with 45 degree line, iron, & ironing board.
Optional - label, spray starch. 
Hints n tips
  • Read all instructions before beginning
  • This Quilt has a 1/4” seam allowance
  • Always have your iron handy to press as you sew, I use a spray starch as well it helps with not stretching as we are working with some bias.
Note: I have been making this block since I first saw it via a youtube tute by Natalie at Missouri Quilt Co, My version is altered to Natalies summer in the park but I just wanted to make clear where I got the basic idea. I have made square table toppers and even a long one for my Tv. Baby quilts are my favourite, here we go!!.
Step 1
  • Organise your rolie polie strips space the designs how you want them sitting.
  • Sew them all together.
Step 2
  • Iron all seams in the same direction.
  • Then fold in half prepare to cut.
  • Trim the selvedge.
 Step 3
  • Cut 13 x 2.5" strips of you rolie polie fabric
  • Cut 9 x 2.5" strips of your basics fabric
  • Divide your strips into 3 sets of (6) 3 x rolie polies & 3 x shades strips.
cutting strips
  • Take 3 of each of the strips. Sew 1 set of each of these
  • With the remaining 4 strips set aside this will be used as binding (optional) 
  • Taking one set at a time with right sides together sew a set down the length of both sides. You will have 3 of these. 
  • You should be able to cut 6 blocks from this tube it is a bit tight so please measure twice cut once be fabric wise.. 
Please note: I have overhang for photo purpose you will sew with your edges lined up.
Step 4
  • Cut 6 blocks from each prepared strip as shown.
  •  Iron, remember to setting the seams. Your blocks should look like this.
 yer... silly me I had no good photos of the block hehe
Please note: if you don't get the required 16 blocks (accidents happen) you could make another set from the 4 (3) that have been set aside for your binding. 
I like to put my blocks on my design wall. I also had a play with my EQ software and have come up with these designs.

My EQ does actually give some other awesome designs but some may require some fiddling as it doesn't allow for the seam allowance.
These designs shown are nice and easy and go together well.
  • By rows sew block by block.
  • when your 4 rows are completed
  • sew your rows together.
  • Add your 5" Border to opposite sides
  • then the remaining 2 borders
This is your top complete. Well done, I like to trim all threads.
  • Sandwich your top, wadding, backing and quilt as desired.
  • I bound my baby quilt with my excess rolie polie strips. 
Super cute.
Thanks for looking. 
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