Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Simple Chain another Big Bee Block

This is a really simple block to put together, I have put a tutorial together below enjoy.

  • The quilt will finish at 63 x 82″
  • The Blocks will finish at 19.5″

This pattern is for bee blocks if you make this pattern as a full quilt there is proberly a more economic way to do it. This is not included with this pattern.
Cut your fabric

The first lot of sewing is simple 1/4 inch seam on the top and botton of the centre squares. Then at the ironing board iron your seams on the middle block one way then the ends in the opposite direction.
I like to put a pin in to stop movement.
This ensures you can lock those seams in place matching those squares perfectly.
Back at the ironing board set those seams
Then iron flat. Ironing is one of the most important things required when quilting and I presume sewing. I haven’t used starch at this point but I am not shy of starch. I will always advise everyone to use it.
We have our centre 9 patch. take back to your cut pieces..
There are no real rules here but I attached the top and bottom black pieces. When I went to the sewing machine I also took the side pieces and joined the pink squares and the last pink piece to attach.
Yip it was really that simple and quick. If we get enough interest for a second one this month I would live to do a reverse of theses colours.
If you have any issues or questions please contact.
Now is the time to volunteer. Fill in this form and I will send you a responding email so you know when to expect your fabric. I thanks you so much to help us in this way.

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