Sunday, 24 May 2015


So I’m done.
I have just completely freaked out by watching this you tube about the cottage garden MQG challenge with by Amanda Herring.
I thought I read the instructions correctly
  • something quilted Tick
  • something I’ve never done before Tick
  • Riley Blake Cottage Garden Fabrics Tick
lalalala months later I have a look at when we need to upload the pic of the project. Checked out this you tube.
WHHHAAATTTTT we are only allowed the 6 fabrics below……
hhmm oh no. 
Then I thought, I’m sure we had this conversation and thankfully we have on this link for MQG members only
Heart attack averted.
Drama Drama. Anyway here is my entry. I really liked doing this it is something very out of the ordinary for me.

I am loving this to pieces.
Its actually totally inspired by my recent Handi quilter conference held in April in the Blue mountains NSW AU. Both by a quilt Angela Walters showed off and I used the knowledge Mary Beth Krapil shared about making computerised quilt designs as well.
So this is called a Dozen roses it is a 20″ square mini
How I did it.
I pieced 7 x 7 @ 3.5″ squares of the cottage garden fabric randomly them quilted backing, batting pieced squares and some RBD granite shades fabric face up with my dozen roses computerised design using a variegated teal wonderfil thread.

then cut in between the roses. I have made a few minis in my time but never one for me. So this one is treasured and just for me.

look at the little birdie poking through. wish i could say it was on purpose.
Then bound it. Love!! can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

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