Monday, 26 October 2015


This is my second entry to this fall edition, I couldn't decide on which quilt to enter.
After deciding I found I have not blogged about this quilt either. <slack> September was such a crazy month, I have been having a break from blogging while I started back at work full time. I gave that up, its just way to much juggling kids, work, my quilty addiction. So getting into our new routine helps. Slowly but surely I'm getting back in the swing of it.
I call this beauty my Tula-Delight in my head it really reminds me of gobstoppers.

I loved this quilt and have gifted it also, I found gifting this one a little difficult. So its gone to my Brother and his lovely new wife maybe I might have a new niece or nephew made under the tula-delight, <lucky I love them> but I do have some lovely pictures to share.

This I have also decided to enter this into the ROYGBIV quilt category. Which means (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.) I presume from one of the comments in the post. It measured at really big lol, I think it fits best. I have quilted this one with an E2E design I created myself it is un- named.
The fabrics used
  • Tula Pink - Elizabeth
  • Tula Pink - True colours
  • Moda Bella Solid - Etchings in Charcoal
  • Zen Chic - Modern Background Ink
Pattern Design is Delight by Julie and Jaybird Quilts

Thank you for visiting and have a heap of fun checking out all the other entries in the Festival here. Public voting begins on 29th October through 5th November with winners of each category being announced on the 6th November.

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