Sunday, 18 October 2015

Canva Tutorial part 1

Canva Tutorial part 1
Big Quilty projects and how to have each block displayed on your social media profiles uniform. Quick and easy.
This is perfect for Quilt alongs so you don't have to set up each block picture each week. Its FREE and available via computer and your iPad.
Have you heard of Canva?
If you haven't this is similar to pic monkey I like this one better. Since I started using it I have never used anything else to build my simple graphics.
Step one Sign up and in.
then by choosing your graphic size. I LOVE Square.

change your new files name.

Add text I am lucky my logo uses one of the fonts available. If you have a logo just upload it here.

Edit your text, you can have as many text boxes as required. If your mouse doesn't do what its told you may have to click off the (white) page.
Upload your pictures

You can Resize and Rotate your pictures
its pretty easy!!

Click on the duplicate icon to make another exactly the same. Scroll down and trash the duplicated picture and add your next block. repeat the process.

Here is a little more detail as some photos need some help I want to square up my block.

I will use the crop function

Some other photos really need help I have taken this pic crooked and in bad light. Lets see if we can fix it without taking another photo

fixed the light issue just by playing with the brightness.
now to crop.

using the rotate function
I'm pretty happy with that its a vast improvement from my dodgy photo.
downloading is simple on the first download you may need to download all but for future weeks you will only need to download certain pictures.
Just fill in the range and only the weeks blocks will be downloaded for you.
Result are files you rename and can upload to your social media and have a beautiful feed like a pro.
Here are mine!

Thanks so much for getting to the bottom of this post it is a little photo heavy. I hope someone finds this helpful. If you have any questions please ask away.

I will post soon on how you can pop your pics in a virtual quilt.
until then have fun.

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