Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Oh my gosh, well I either always missed out on the Ms Midge charm alongs or (wasn’t quick enough) or wasn’t particularly interested in the designer.
When the Cotton and Steel one was announced I was excited and I counted down the minutes to the the opening on the Ms Midge blog.
It was a work day so I had lousy reception on my phone and I certainly sighed in relief, once I was excepted.
As luck would have it,  I had just had a delivery of some selected C&S from the new released lines.
When I got my package back from with the 112 charms. I had no Idea what to do with them. I know charms can be used for a trillion HST designs and just leaving them alone (makes sense to get the most of the print. I really wanted something different.
There are a ton of Pinterest we can scour for hours to decide what pattern we want to use.
I looked and looked but nothing really inspired me.
After just finishing this quilt.and all the hexis in the delight quilt.
Miles and Celia’s wedding quilt
Boy I love that….
I used
  • Tula Pinks Elizabeth (F8th bundle) + some of the
  • Selected Tula Pink True Colours range
  • Moda Bella – Etchings in charcoal
  • Zen Chic Modern Background in Ink (Layer Cake + Charms)
Did I tell you I love this quilt!! .
I quilted it with my own unnamed digital design with 2 layers of cotton batting (for the kiwis)
The pattern is Jaybird Quilts Delight.
Now back to my charms……  I had a desire to use the hexnmore ruler and looked through the Park Bench book to see if I could get them to fit somehow.
I couldn’t work anything out believe it or not i was trying to make stars, what happened were flowers.
I wish I had time to share how I made this quilt, maybe in another post, I’m sure I could be convinced if someone is interested. (let me know in the comments)

I finally got that quilt holder upperer. Thank you son.

Background Fabrics used
  • Doily web grey – Spellbound
  • RJR Cotton Supreme Solid 9617
  • Paint Dot cloud – Paper Bandana
I tested out another one of my digital designs for the quilting on this one. I was a little unsure at first because there is a big gap in the centre of each square on point so I went through and did a filler freehand. Which did not look so hot, but as the quilt progressed so did I.  phew.
I always use 100% cotton Matilda’s Own
Hope you like it!
Thanks Mel for the encouragement!! and getting a finish!! I love using fabric in quilts I know my family will drag around the lounge. This one is one of them..

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