Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Another Big Bee Block Octagon

Welcome back ladies. Its my time again for our Do good stitches quilt and I have been playing around with my EQ7 <Happy times>. This quilt is a little weird for me because if you know me, you know I really dislike paper piecing... like really dislike.

Upon reflection this is slightly irrational, just slightly. I am quite happy to report I have worked through my issues and have figured out a technique I'm happy with. I completed all my triangles without using my unpick once.

I'm not saying you have to do it my way but this is how I made my blocks.

First Step download this PDF pattern
print the pattern 4 times remember to check your printing at 100% and check the inch sizing on the printout. You will end up with 8 pages.

A little about this quilt

Estimated Finished Quilt 45" x 60" Lap/lounge size
Blocks are 15"

have a look at your scraps. This one is going to be scrappy and I am hoping you have some lovely bright and colourful scraps you just knew you could use in something and this is it.

Along with some low volume cream/white/taupe or very light grey.  I used a WOF (Width of fabric) by 6" and cut that piece into 8 equal pieces.

 This block is pretty simple using 1/4" seam allowance.

With your paper piece pattern

So just a little disclosure I'm lazy and I did not cut my 8 triangles out first I sewed on the full A4 page. or lets just say I only had fabric scissors around.

On the reverse side of the printing. I put my low volume over centre portion of the #1. You can hold the paper up to a light or if its sunny the window. It won't work at night time.

Then I ran my machine over it to keep it in place.

I folded number 3 triangle over to get an idea that my fabric is in the correct position and long enough. This scrap was a little on the large size.

Using the crease I positioned the fabric to ensure it will cover the template.

checking my stitch length is 1.5

Then I flipped and sewed along the lines

I folded/creased the 2 triangle over double checked and then sewed. Charms worked well for this size.

I ironed, and took to my cutting mat and trimmed.


I would or did do all my 8 pages in one sitting then ironed trimmed and put my triangles together making blocks.

this is one I made earlier.

While putting these blocks together I have ensured the centre octagon is a tiny bit larger then the corner quarter octagons please note all number 3's go to the centre.

I really can't wait to make this one with you guys. I think i will be suitable for so many different people for my chosen charity.

This is mine and Abby's together. Thanks Abby for being my tester as always you are an awesome friend. mwa

edited 25 October 2016

this quilt has been sent to Jackie @ 

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