Sunday, 25 September 2016

Not Rocket Science

I know it's not rocket science but I thought I'd share how I have pieced my 6" squared quilt.

1st step (182 blocks Queen)

Chain piece all your squares in pairs

take 13 of you pairs and set aside.

Sew the rest of your pairs into 4 blocks, I did not snip my chain piecing, I just picked up the 1st pair and the last pair and started sewing all my pairs into fours.

Snip at this point and take to the iron. Iron how you prefer your seams pressed.

Because this quilt is a rather decent size I worked with half at a time,  layout 7 rows of 4 then place 4 next to them ensuring none of the same fabrics are touching and then the 3rd row of 4.

I took 2 x 4 blocks of the columns and chain pieced them. Don't snip

 then took my remaining 4 blocks and chain pieced the set aside 2 blocks to them.

Then join these rows together

All these sets should be connected by chains.

Just sew the rows together.

Or you could just sew each block together you will get the same result. I found this really quick and simple as the sets were all chained together.

Then repeat with the last six rows.

happy scrapping

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