Saturday, 24 September 2016

Off the TODO List time for a new project.

So I have a few new and exciting plans I am looking at starting in October.... 

Do I need to look at my current quilty obligations to ensure everything is up to date before I start anything new? 

Yes, Yes I do.

My mother has recently started sewing and I have expressed sage advice for her not to start another project until she finishes her current one. She has taken this on board and is really doing a great job and not overloading herself with a bunch of WIPs. (work in progress) I wish someone had told me this piece of advice. I think what has helped her follow this gentle guidance was the state of my sewing room every time she visited. It is a little overwhelming.

Back to my obligations, So I had a few important projects due, Which I am happy to say are now complete.

I have finally finished and have this quilt ready to send off its the July 2016 #Dogoogstitches Quilt

here are a few progress pics of this one.

I had 10 of these blocks sent from the #Dogoodstitches cherish circle thank you so much Sue, Abby, Cathy, Angie, Maddy, Shannon, Margie, Fiona and Karen as always the blocks went wonderfully together. I had already completed one block but I needed to do another to finish off the quilt and make the 12th block.

Last one

I had my Bari J charm squares close by so I used them. Pieced the last row on.

With that done I chose something simple to quilt it 

all done and ready to go.

My next job is to complete the September Do good stitches Blocks this month Shannon asked us to do 2 blocks of this quilt block available on the Moda Bake shop site.

Top Spin is available on the Moda Bake shop is a great place to look for free patterns.

Luckily Shannon told us exactly what to cut and they are now complete.

Tick and tick, I can finally get started on my new projects. Are you wondering what it is? here is a hint it comes back to my comment above about my overwhelming sewing room. 

Yes, its time to address my scrap issue. I've been thinking about it for a good, let us be honest, YEARS.

The time has finally come where I need to start making scrap quilts. I have been talking about it for too long. I was thinking maybe in the new year but no I can no longer wait. My stash is actually quite unmanageable and it gives me a very uncomfortable feeling.

I also have been denying its existence for a real long time. The pile is really big I try and ignore how big, I say I will do something soon then I look for scrap patterns on Pinterest and get sidetracked and forget until I bump into them again in my sewing room. <shaking head> With every new quilt I make I keep making, even more, scraps. NO MORE NEW QUILTS! 

I am setting myself a goal for the next 2 months (Christmas is coming) just to keep it all attainable. I plan to make 4 quilts, that's 2 a month using simple quilt patterns to try and subdue my scrap baskets.

This month I'm using the kiss technique Keep ISeriously Simple!!! Yeah, I'm not really into calling myself names. lol

The Goal for Octobers first quilt is.

6" Squared (quite an original name)

I am going to set conditions or rules for myself during this process.

Quilt conditions this month

  • 86 x 80" a good Queen size bed
  • Green/Teal/Aqua and Blue or neutral fabrics
  • requirements 6.5" ruler
  • 182 squares 14 x 13 random placement

Yip I'm keeping it super simple and I know that Teal/Aqua is pretty much my favourite colour and if I have an excess of any colour it may be Teal.

This is a representation of what I would like to have my quilt emulate. It's really not going to because my Lizzy House stash is mostly uncut. I have a few in my scrap basket.

My thinking is to grab some scraps and my 6.5" square ruler cut 2 of each if possible, piece it, quilt it and bind it.

It really does not sound that difficult does it?.

My second quilt for October, I am really wanting to make another of my quilt patterns that are already under the big bee blocks pages. I haven't decided which one I will re-make yet, during the 6" Squared Quilt process I will think about it. That's when I get my best thinking done. That and when I sleep bummer I can't remember what I dreamt about 5 seconds after I wake up.

I am wondering if I will need to make any more quilts after these two?? its a mystery Check back next week I'll post some progress pics.

Does anyone else have so many scraps its just overwhelming? Why don't you join me?

a good single bed will only need 130 squares - 10 x 13 squares! 

Let's get them finished 

I am going to offer a free quilting service for one lucky quilter who can get a 6" squared quilt finished in October 2016. 

fine print 
  • you pay for batting and postage. (I live in Australia) I will PayPal a postage bill before returning your quilt. (Standard satchels)
  • your top needs to be one of the 2 sizes mentioned, 130 squares or 182 Squares.
  • follow me on Instagram if you don't already
I will check the hashtag #simplifyscrapsoctober on the 31 October 2016 and announce the winner.

Off to sew, sew, sew.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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