Saturday, 1 October 2016

6" Square Scrap Quilt

The first October simplify scraps quilt is done. I'm loving how it has turned out. I wish I could see a dent on my piles of scraps. Unfortunately, it hasn't made much of a difference.

This is a little embarrassing but here are my scrap baskets.

It quite possibly got worst, I have added to the pile with my neat scraps I had packed with my Lizzy house, Alison Glass and Tula Pink fat quarters they are now all over the place.

On the upside, my Fat Quarter stacks are not too shabby.

After my Aqua/Teal/Blue 6.5" square cutting I have ended up with this pile.

So it looks like I will be doing something with this lot again. Sadly I don't think this is even all the aqua. Once I hit my 182 squares I stopped cutting.

Anyway, I thought I would pop up some of the process pics for my 6" square quilt.

The taming, I don't usually like water in my iron, it was a requirement this night.

This awesome print didn't quite make it.

This one was a perfect size.

along with this one. !! Perfect

and that's the pile!.

chain piecing by twos.

by fours

then by eights.

all put together

the quilt machine magic.

I could not be happier with the result. From a pile of scraps to a beautiful handmade item that will keep one of my kids warm and comforted. Each of the fabrics has a story. No one will know the stories but I do.

Thanks to all the others joining in on this Simplify Scraps October cull on Instagram. I'm so happy to find I'm not the only one that has to clear out some awesome fabrics.

What I really love about this quilt, I have used so many fabrics in items that I have gifted away, never seeing them again but I get to see them all together.

Do you think my war on scraps is over? No way!!

This is my next project!

Yes, my solids Basket!!

Stay tuned.

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