Wednesday, 3 May 2017


I did it again not just once though I made 16 little cuties, and then 9 more big ones.

Last October, I was asked to play with 15 other ladies to make a friendship quilt using the dwell block from the Book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley. The rules were....

"The block must be made entirely from Bonnie and Camille fabrics (please no black) with the background fabric made from Moda Bella 97. Your blocks do not have to be made identical to each other (i.e.: using the same fabric each time,) but please feel free to do that if you’d prefer. All 16 blocks must be mailed to me (Sam) by the 1st of February 2017"

I'm like, well I can do that its only October no prob thats a massive time frame....

So decisions decisions what block should I choose well my email to Sam said 

Ohio star,  Sawtooth star, Strawberry 🍓 or Heart ❤️ good choices right?

But then I was scrolling all the previous dwell swaps and blocks and low and behold the little mini dwell fit in that little house..

How could I resist?

I spoke to myself quite sternly and said are you serious? can I stand doing this block 16 times?

I was pretty confident I could... . So hesitantly I asked Sam if anyone has volunteered to do the swoon she said no I let her know I'd do a test and see how it would go.

I wrote myself a little cutting sheet and cut one using the illegal black (I like to think I'm a little naughty)

I had to change the roof and side measurements but overall it was quite doable, with one done and the decision made. I let Sam know and the next day I cut all 15 little houses and popped them in their own little sandwich baggie and put them next to my sewing machine.

I'm sort of really loving that I can see when these were made my phone in that first weekend sitting I made 2 more.

It wasn't till a month later (November 11) I got some more done, I did 5 this time to make 8 done and that meant I was half way there. Yah yes I was cheering..

how cute are they?? So freaking adorable..


Then I started back on my tiny house project when I went on holidays for Christmas and new year 2016. I finally finished the rest and in the new year (January 7) just in time for me to go back to work.

Phew! so very happy I was done prior to deadline and off they went in the post to Sam.

So they all looked a little like these. Yes I made 16 but a few were the same my one up the top is also included.

The fabrics were from Vintage Picnic and Handmade.

Surprisingly it wasn't so bad. I have taken a step back from doing so much at once and overburdening myself I have realised the only person that can stress me out is myself.. This was actually quite a good way to get it done. 

Then one happy day the 8th of March I got a bundle of Joy in the mail.


Whats the plan you ask?

This is the plan. 

I will have to wait to unpack my container to get my B&C fabric to make the extra spools and hearts.

Hopefully by the end of the year this may be finished.

I'll blog my big swoon next.. 

Enjoy Life