Friday, 30 June 2017

Christmas in July

Happy 1st of July!!

I really have tried to be more on top of Christmas for the past few years. To be quite honest I really haven’t been into it, at all. Yes I have been a misery guts spouting bar humbug for the last few years. This year I hope to turn it all around and be more in charge of my perceptions of Christmas and what it means for me and my immediate family.

For one thing I’m not a religious person but I really do want to concentrate on giving and celebrating family and getting to the end of the year safe and sound without stressing myself out.  These will be my overall goals.

During this next 6 months I will be using my stash were possible. No additional fabric or patterns will be purchased. I am aware that I will have to purchase some bag bits and pieces and some zippers but #stashbusting all the way.

My issue with Christmas is I have been feeling manipulated and pressured into the commercialisation of the end of year celebrations the craziness of life never helps with timeframes and just going to work all year is really exhausting not to mention the invisible pressure a mum feels about making sure kids are safe and happy. On top of trying to squeeze time for doing what makes me happy. arrhhh Light bulb maybe I should just do some organising for the Christmas run up. 

I’m going to be a happy holiday prepper this year and It all starts now.

I have created some PDFs that have organised a list for my family and another printable PDF that chunks the gifts into months. (links below)

These goals are easily spread out in the coming months, fingers crossed I can achieve them and if I stick to the months schedule it should all be good. I have no plan for December but I do have some empty spaces for my family and will have to look into it more when I get a bit closer. 

Just to explain a little further this is how I have worked it all out. 
  • I wrote all my family and friends down in the gift planner
  • then thought about what I would like to make them
  • divided them into months on the to-do list ensuring I had an easy project matched with a more difficult one.
  • I went through my patterns and pinterest popped on the requirements.
  • ta da I felt more relaxed already

I have had all these items in the back of my mind to make for a time now, so it was actually quite easy to work out who gets what.

·         Sew together bag (Purchased ages ago)
·         Trail Tote (Freebie)
·         Madras Tote (Freebie)
·         Pencil case (Freebie)
·         Geo Unicorn (Purchase last year)
·         Gift Card/ Bookmark (Freebie)
·         Backpack (Purchased earlier in the year)
·         Christmas runner (Freebie or Freebie or this)
·         Amethyst Project Bag (Gifted to me thanks @quiltjane and @sewsweetness)

So July starts me with the Sew together bag and the Madras Tote. I will have to make a trip to spotlight for some zips. Just a little tip my lovely friend Deb has used a separating zip in the Sew together bag. I will be trying this. I have been wanting to post about the Sew together bag for a while now. I have made a few different ones so far and love how they come out quilted with the foam. Check back soon I'll be showing them off.

If you need some encouragement to get you organised feel free to sew along with me. Let me know because it will keep me on track.

Hope to see you soon!

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