Wednesday, 5 July 2017

July Holiday Prepper Sew together bag

My progress so far.......

I have been wanting to post about the Sew together bag for ages. We first did @sewdemented s Sew together bag soooo long ago as a sew along with the Brisbane Modern quilt guild in August 2014 (Instagram is great for time checking). I was pretty happy with my bag at the time. I did find that I didn't like the floppiness of the bag after a while I don't think I really used it. Here are some old pics.

This pattern is pretty well known and most quilters I know have made at least one.

What was really awesome back in 2014 was the walk through by The Quilt Barn. I can tell you this it was soo helpful. I’m such a visual learner. This totally got me through.

More recently Deidre showed me the ones she had made for her grand daughters for ballet. I thought they were just awesome. They were mini versions how do you get a mini version? Easy just visit Elizabeth at OP Quilt she has done a worksheet that in conjunction with the pattern you can make a cute mini version.

So I did make 2 last year again in August 2016. Now, these ones turned out beautifully. I used Bosal In R Form as batting and I love the firmness and happily can tell you I always have this one close by my sewing machine.

I have chosen this gift for 3 people

  • My Mumma She has just started sewing and I wanted to make her something sewing related that can hold all her bits and pieces. I have chosen a tattoo-ish print with a splash of red cause that's how she rolls.
  • Fynn's teacher I just think these could make a pretty awesome pencil case if she is not into sewing. lol I had some cotton and steel apple print <anyone else old enough to get my apple pun>
  • My teenage niece <hoping it's not too dorky> I had a cotton and steel canvas print already quilted sort of made that decision easy and I hope I have chosen some fabric she likes. 
  • One for me! <shaking head>

I do think I can make a few more with some little adjustments that I have seen on another friends creation <thank you, Deb, > she used a separating zipper and I think it was a little bit of genius. Zoink yes I will be using that idea with a few more that she has check it out here and remember to swipe through all the pics. It's AMAZING.

SO Goals July is the month of 4 Sew together bags (Mum (Large)Teacher and Niece (mini) and one for me my mini one is actually bulging at the seams) lucky mum doesn't read my blog. 

Shopping List

6 = 7" Zippers
2 = 7" separating zipper 

6 = 9" Zippers
2 = 10" separating zipper

I have to admit I had half cut a Sew together bag last year for Fynn's teacher but I just was not organised enough to get it done. 

Here is my progress.

Well, I'm sufficiently excited. I wish everyone would wake up so I can sew.

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