Friday, 28 July 2017

My scrappy trip around the world quilt begins

I was doing some insta-stalking the other day and saw another QAL has started thanks, Kathryn and she was stripping some stash. I have always admired the scrappy trip. I did make one block for the cherish do good stitches group many years ago, but I have just found out now that I made it completely wrong or without using the awesome technique that has been tripping around the quiltishere. 

So the current QAL is being hosted by Meg over on her site. Meg refers to Bonnie K Hunters as being the original QAL so I had a quick read of the technique she used and oh my how clever. I tell you now you can just learn something new every day in this quilty life.

So I did find turning the block into the quilt and them working the stripiest a little confusing but I got there in the end.

So after playing with EQ7 for a while, I ended up being happy with a simple scrappy trip quilt that will look something a little like this.

Breaking this down every block will look like this.

Breaking it down even further every strip set will look like this. I am just using the width of fabric strips and cutting 2 blocks from one strip set. (time-saving tip)

EQ7 tells me I will need 56 Blocks consisting of 8 x 7 rows and columns for my perfect size quilt 96" x 84".

Yes, I have gotten a start on this project I have completed 5 of my blocks just 51 to go. lol

So the Due date for this quilt is 23 September 2017 I will not have it quilted because this baby will be done on my frame. When ever that gets put back together.

That's 9 weekends between now and then.

By my calculations to get my quilt done on time for Megs Tea and Brie QAL I will need to get 

56 Blocks - 5 Blocks = 51 Blocks divide by 8 weekends that's 7 blocks per week.

and the final weekend for assembly. That sounds doable. I have already cut my strips and put them into safety pinned sets. 

I did this last night. I don't know why I'm a little surprised my stash doesn't look touched. So I'm very happy I am using up all my pretty stash for this one.

Anyway I'm off to try and finish my July Christmas Maker #holidayprepping I'm nearly done.


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